"I love St. Casimir's School for many reasons. As a parent, I want to instill values and beliefs in my children that will follow them through life. SCS helps me to do that. With their faith-based education, I feel confident that my children are learning to navigate this world with the help of faith and prayer. SCS has a dynamic staff that works to create a safe, trusting environment. The teachers meet students where they are in their academics and are able to give them individual support if needed. The small class sizes allow students to truly get to know each other. This helps foster compassion in children as they learn about others and the beauty of being unique."
~~Nikki Feist, Parent

"The faith-based education offered by St. Casimir's School reassures my children that no matter what happens to us in our journey through life, the one thing that remains constant is our faith in God."
~~Eric Huper, Parent

"As pastor of St. Casimir's parish and school it has been a blessing for me to be a part of the lives of our students, parents and teachers. There is a real blessing that comes from Catholic education. To be able to pray together gives us an opportunity to share with the children that their value comes from the Lord not worldly things."
~~Rev. Greg Havel, Pastor


St. Casimir's School