Philosophy Statement

Chapel Kids2We, the faculty and staff of St. Casimir's School, believe that every child is a unique beloved son or daughter of the Father, made in His own image and likeness, called to be a member of God's family through baptism and destined for all eternity to be with God.

We encourage students to use their God-given talents for their betterment and self growth. We strive to develop academic excellence that integrates the values, traditions and teachings of the Catholic faith. The sacraments of the church are the foundational components of our life as a school community.

With Christ as our model and guide, we are committed to bringing His Gospel message to the students by our word and example. We believe that each child deserves the respect and dignity afforded every human person. By recognizing the talents and needs of those who make up our school community and our acceptance of every person, we hope to foster in the students a sense of charity and respect. Our faith compels us to develop an environment where we can experience an authentic Christ-like community.

We believe that frequent interaction and open communication with school, home, tri-parish and broader community is essential. Special emphasis is placed on parent involvement and support in all school-related activities.

We attempt to instill in the students a sense of faith, hope and love. Opportunities are provided to help students make decisions in the light of these ideals and to become responsible members of the Church and society. As such, they will strive to be of service in all situations involving the needs of God's people.