About Us - St. Casimir's School

St. Casimir’s School—Where Faith and Knowledge Meet

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family will make.  Since the doors of St. Casimir’s School were first opened in 1915, thousands of students have passed through the same stately building where academic excellence and moral instruction are provided. Catholic schools are unique, faith-centered communities that exist to support parents as the first educators of their children, while creating a supportive and challenging climate, which affirms the dignity of all.

Why choose St. Casimir’s School?

  • The curriculum of St. Casimir’s School meets or exceeds the standards set by the State of Minnesota . This is the same standard to which all public schools must adhere. Furthermore, the school is also accredited by the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association.
  • High academic standards are a hallmark of St. Casimir’s School. On average, SCS students test at 70% or higher in most disciplines of the Iowa Basic Tests. When the Graduation Basic Standards were given to SCS eighth grade students, 92.2% of the students passed the reading test on their first attempt and 92.6% passed their math test. These percentages were among the highest in the state of Minnesota .
  • In developing academic excellence integrated with the truths and values of the Catholic faith, students are encouraged to use their God-given talents to guide them towards a discipline of self.
  • All SCS students participate in weekly computer classes (with internet access) taught by a qualified teacher. There are computers in every classroom for student daily classwork. The computer and writing labs are also available for student research for other core subjects.
  • SCS provides music class and guitar lessons as well as individual and group lessons in an award-winning band program.
  • Students enjoy daily physical education classes and participate in the Presidential Physical Fitness Award Program. Students in fifth and sixth grades may choose to play on school-sponsored traveling basketball teams when available. Students in seventh and eighth grades are eligible to participate in any sports program that is offered through the local school district.

Who are the teachers?

As required by the State of Minnesota , each teacher licensed by the state is required to obtain 125 continuing education units within a five-year period. Every teacher at SCS has met or exceeded this requirement. The ability to express faith in God, the support and cooperation of parents and the positive school environment are a few of the reasons a teacher chooses to instruct at SCS. These professionals are dedicated to the development of a student’s moral and social leadership skills.
Who attends a Catholic school?

While the majority of students in today’s Catholic schools profess the Catholic faith, there are many students who do not. School educators teach Catholic doctrine in accord with the identity of the school; however, they also have the greatest respect for students of other faiths. Currently, approximately 40% of our families are from outside St. Casimir Parish. Furthermore, no child is denied an opportunity for a quality, Catholic, value-centered education on the basis of race, religion, sex or lack of personal funds.